Olive Films Brings Bernardo Bertolucci’s Novecento / 1900 to Blu-ray

On 15th May Olive films will release Bernardo Bertolucci’s classic drama 1900 (NOVECENTO) on Blu-ray as a three-disc collector’s edition.

Made in 1976, NOVECENTO follows the trials and tribulations of two friends from the turn of the last century. Robert De Niro and Gerard Depardieu star as the friends and lead an incredible cast that also includes Burt Lancaster, Donald Sutherland, Sterling Hayden, Dominique Sanda, Alida Valli and Stefania Sandrelli.

Bertolucci’s film was previously issued on DVD in the US by Paramount Pictures and here in the UK by 20th Century Fox. The Olive Films presentation marks the film’s high definition debut. NOVECENTO will be presented in its original two-part,  five hour version. The only confirmed extra is the 2002 documentary Bernardo Bertolucci: Reflections on Cinema (which was also included on Arrow’s recent Blu-ray of THE CONFORMIST).

Tales that Witness Madness Coming to Blu-ray and DVD this June

Olive Films continues to unveil the fruits from its deal with Paramount this June when it releases Freddie Francis’s long lost horror anthology TALES THAT WITNESS MADNESS on DVD and Blu-ray.

Olive has been steadily releasing Paramount titles for the best part of a year already, with many coming to disc for the first time.  Previously released titles include Brian Gibson’s BREAKING GLASS, Robert Duvall tough cop drama BADGE 373 and blaxploitation thriller HIT. Olive is also releasing Bernardo Bertollucci’s epic drama 1900 (Novecento) in May.

TALES THAT WITNESS MADNESS was made in 1973 at the height of the British film industry’s compulsion to make portmanteau horror films. The film stars Kim Novak, Joan Collins, Donald Pleasence, Suzy Kendall and Jack Hawkins. The forthcoming Olive Films release marks the film’s world premiere on DVD and Blu-ray. It was previously released to the UK VHS rental market by Rank Video in the early 1980s.

The DVD and Blu-ray debut 26th June. The disc specifications have yet to be announced but it’s worth pointing out that Olive’s previous Blu-ray discs have not been region-locked..