Once Upon a Time in America Redux

Sergio Leone’s ill-treated mob movie classic is heading back to the Cannes Film Festival this year in an all-new incarnation. The film has been painstakingly restored from the original negatives and includes a whopping 40 minutes of additional footage.

A labour of love that’s been over a year in the making, the project will be finally unveiled at France’s most prestigious annual event – a fitting debut for the longer cut, as it was in Cannes where the film was initially screened 28 years ago. ONCE UPON A TIME IN AMERICA would sadly become director Leone’s swansong, as his long-gestating World War II epic, LENINGRAD, never got off the ground before his death in 1989 (though the film is currently in pre-production and cameras are set to roll for director Guiseppe Tornatore [CINEMA PARADISO] later this year).

ONCE UPON A TIME IN AMERICA is something of a departure from the Italian westerns with which Leone made his name and is the epic tale of a group of young Jewish boys who become embroiled in New York’s criminal underworld during the prohibition era.  Leone’s film is a sprawling masterpiece but its American distributor, the Ladd Company (who had similarly interfered with Ridley Scott’s BLADE RUNNER), was of the opinion that it was too long and its non-linear structure too confusing, insisting on cuts totaling almost an hour and a half before its release. The film fared better in Europe where it was released in a version that ran for 3 ¾ hours (the version that is currently available on DVD and Blu-ray from Warner Home Video) but stories have persisted of longer cuts and missing footage for many years.

At present it is not exactly clear what the new material consists of and no announcement has been made relating to a home video release of the longer cut (though it is inevitable). I guess we’ll have to wait until the reviews following the Cannes screening begin to filter through next month.

Tales that Witness Madness Coming to Blu-ray and DVD this June

Olive Films continues to unveil the fruits from its deal with Paramount this June when it releases Freddie Francis’s long lost horror anthology TALES THAT WITNESS MADNESS on DVD and Blu-ray.

Olive has been steadily releasing Paramount titles for the best part of a year already, with many coming to disc for the first time.  Previously released titles include Brian Gibson’s BREAKING GLASS, Robert Duvall tough cop drama BADGE 373 and blaxploitation thriller HIT. Olive is also releasing Bernardo Bertollucci’s epic drama 1900 (Novecento) in May.

TALES THAT WITNESS MADNESS was made in 1973 at the height of the British film industry’s compulsion to make portmanteau horror films. The film stars Kim Novak, Joan Collins, Donald Pleasence, Suzy Kendall and Jack Hawkins. The forthcoming Olive Films release marks the film’s world premiere on DVD and Blu-ray. It was previously released to the UK VHS rental market by Rank Video in the early 1980s.

The DVD and Blu-ray debut 26th June. The disc specifications have yet to be announced but it’s worth pointing out that Olive’s previous Blu-ray discs have not been region-locked..

Top Sensation – Early Specs Announced

Posted over on the forum in the TOP SENSATION thread Camera Obscura have let slip about some of the specs for the 2 disc set…

Well, our plan right now is this: we will make a brand-new transfer from the original Italian negative. We can’t tell as of now what scenes it will contain, but probably, if any cuts were made, this footage might also be still in the lab (which was the case with SO SWEET, SO DEAD). We will check this out and try to make the most complete cut out of what’s there in terms of original elements. This will go on the first disc. The second disc will contain what we call the “Frankenstein Version” and will be bastard cut of all the scenes that can’t be found in the Italian version with the Italian version as the basis since it will have the best quality, of course.

So far we could only locate VHS tapes of various other cuts. We would prefer to transfer 16 or 35mm prints of the other cuts but so far we couldn’t dig up ANY. Not even the German version with the crazy additional footage filmed only for that release.

So if you are or know collectors, please help us out with any information you can provide. We try to make the best version possible out of what’s more or less a lost film. It’s our biggest endeavor so far, and we can use all the help we can get. This is a true fan project, and we already got a lot of help behind the scenes, especially from members of this forum. Thanks so much, guys!

…Oh, before I forget, the additional scenes can not only be viewed in the Frankenstein cut, but also separately in a deleted scenes section. So you won’t have to see the movie all over again to watch that footage…

…The first finished extra for THE SEDUCERS (TOP SENSATION) is an animated photo novel just like the one on our SO SWEET, SO DEAD disc.

To read the whole thread head on over to this link