Cinema Blue Talks to Pamela Stanford

Cinema Blue Talks to Pamela Stanford

This interview was first published in Cinema Blue no.8 circa 1976. It is reproduced here as published.


Meet the blonde doll of the Paris sex-movie screen – ‘Hard and soft, as you will… as you like eet!’ The bombshell from the Folies Bergere who went in for something naughtier, quitting the nude stage for the more nude screen. From nude… to nudest. And rudest.

Interview by Rick Van Doon. Glamour photography by Serge Jacques.

In spite of that ultra Anglo-Saxon stage name, Pamela Stanford is French. She was born plain Monique Delaunay; at Fontainebleau, 35 miles outside Paris, a royal town with a splendid castle where the kings of France once used to reside. Royally!

Small wonder that she went on to become a queen herself, albeit a queen of the French sex movie industry. Pamela went straight from school to the famous Follies Bergeres Music Hall where she was trained to be a dancer and a singer-and turn-only. Later she moved on to films with all lessons intact. During the past five years (she is still only 25) she has made more than 30 films, starring in most, stripping and screwing in all.

Pamela: Hello, hello – what do you want to talk about? No, no, no, not about porn flicks! God, not again! That’s all people want to talk to me about. How I started in porn films… how, why I fuck… I can’t go over it all over again…I just can’t stand it! It’s like when you’re with your analyst and you have something, well, something dreadful, really dreadful, to tell him and it just won’t come out… Or it’s like when you are really fed up with something… Yes, I’m tired of films about screwing

Then why make them?

I said I’m tired of them but of course I’ve nothing against them. I’ve made a living from them, haven’t I? But now, well, there are too many of them and it means doing the same things over and over again. Life can be boring, you know, and porn can be boring too. I don’t mind once, now and again, but not all the time. I want to do something different… Don’t they say that variety is the spice of life? Well, I want some variety, or is it spice that I want? Anyway I want change. I have an un-stable character, did you know that? Aha, you guessed it! So why do they make me do the same thing over and over again – get screwed all the time in these bloody films… Why can’t I do a horror film for once, go on, tell me? Or a murder mystery… or a drama… or a musical-comedy, even. I want to do every kind of film not just one genre.

What are you finishing now?

I’ve just finished one that I’m rather pleased with. It’s directed by Herbert Malthese. Quite different from the ones I’ve been doing up to now…

But, Pamela, you just said your films were all the same?

Wait a minute! This is just an exception. One single exception…


Non, it’s got porn in it. Well near enough… And I was delighted when Herbert asked me to play the lead in his film. I jumped at the opportunity. It’s an avant-garde film called guess what? PAMELA! No, I don’t think it was named after me. It’s based on a short story of Edgar Allen Poe: Annabel Lee, I think

That’s a poem.

Never mind – it’s a really beautiful film! I see it a sort of hymn to life. Oh! You will love it, I assure you. Some people mind you, may be shocked, but that doesn’t worry me. On the contrary… yes, I’m really quite, ‘ow you say, on-turned by this film!

Aren’t you normally turned-on when acting in porn films? It sure looks that way!

Turned on by fucking, you mean? Oh boy, am I? I go absolutely wild… yes wiiiild! I become like a bitch on heat… I really blow my mind! I roll on the floor, I scream, and I want to stick everything around me up my cunt! The radiator! The books on the mantelpiece! A man’s head! The television set! Anything! The legs of chairs! Bottles! Dogs! (no, not their pricks, whole dogs!) I become one gigantic hole…

You’re putting us on-playing the porno-queen!

No, I become this massive, unfilled hole! And if I think of Hitler, De Gaulle, Mao, I say to them go on, get inside my hole go on, get up my wet pussy I’m just like an animal on these occasions. Or rather, I no longer have a body I’m just a hole, as I said… and I fall on the ground, squeal, pull at the curtains, I go mad and try to scratch people’s eyes out. I pull men’s foreskins. Squeeze their balls. I piss standing up. I think of Godard and the accident he had, I even think of Braque at such moments…

What about your fantasies?

My dreams when I’m filming?


Sometimes I dream of those rich people who like to get down on all fours and eat out of a dog’s dish… But that really happened to me once! This man, he wanted to pay me, too-he wanted to play doggies in my place! He took a rubber bone out of his pocket… and he started barking… wow! wow! wow! He went! And he had a collar and lead on, too. He made me lead him around the flat. I’m sure he would have lifted his leg and peed and done other filthy things if I had let him, you know… And oh, yes, I forgot, he went under the table to eat out of his bowl while I sat down to dinner. Also I had to whip him.

Didn’t you feel rather sickened?

Quite frankly-non! I thought it screamingly funny! I would shout at him – ‘Go on, Rex, run’… or ‘Kim, come on, jump!’ And I would sometimes kick him in the ass, especially when he went to lift up his leg… Can you imagine the dirty bastard wanting to piss all over my carpets?

Yes, well that’s all very interesting, Pamela, but…

Oh! But that isn’t all… Another time, I had a judge in my place-a real judge who had just condemned a man to death! And he took his clothes off and bent over a chair and asked me to cane his bare bum… You see, he wanted to be punished’ for what he had done… I mean condemning a poor sod to death! Mais oui he wanted me to punish him. Of course I refused.

I don’t believe any of all this!

Well, you’re right! I wouldn’t be telling the truth if insisted that it did – I would be telling… er, fibs! I guess I’m just a dreamer. The story about the dog happened in a film of mine called PROSTITUTION CLANDESTINE.

I know, I saw it!

Aha!! I didn’t know that!

So these are just a young girl’s dreams.

Oui-et non! These things do happen, you know. Once a man did ask me to punish him in this way.

But on the telephone, not in your flat…

Precisely! But how did you guess? Yes, he was telephoning me. People often do. They ask me to model for them or to pose in the nude while they photograph me! Others say they saw my film and that they would like to fuck me. Oh! Some are ever so rude. They don’t even know me and I don’t know their name either. I get rid of them quick. I tell them to buy an outsize rubber cock and stick it up their ass! How, how do these people get hold of my phone number? I often ask myself that. A great mystery to me.

Anyway, this man is asking me whether I will pose for him while he photographs me – £30 for a morning’ work. Legs open, of course. Wide… they all want that – even your photographer wanted that. Well, that I understand. For you, okay! But this man, suddenly he ask me to whip him… Now I ask you! And such an educated voice, too. These rich people are the worst. They really do disgust me. I don’t like the bank-manager type; give me a workman any day. A docker, for example, or a factory worker. After all, I’m working-class myself.

With all those expensive clothes, all that jewellery?

Appearances can lie! Anyway I like working-class men. They’re usually very… beeg!


Well-endowed, yes. Sometimes. And serious. Can you imagine a docker or a factory worker wanting to go down on all fours and be a dog after a hard day’s work? Can you, now?… Or a king to be whipped? No, they just want to fuck or suck! The well-off are revolting. Long live the worker…

Let’s move to more serious things, if that’s possible!

Let’s. And write in that article of yours, just as you said, the words ‘let’s move on to more serious things’ so that people will think that all I’ve said up till now was a joke.

What about drugs?

What about them?

You use them don’t you?

Of course! Who doesn’t? No, wait, cross that out. I had better just ay ‘Yes ‘. Or some of your readers might be shocked. Or perhaps they don’t care a fuck – I don’t care a fuck myself what they think anyway! Yes , I use drugs when I feel like them. Pot. I had a good smoke before I came to see you – look at the pupils of my eyes.

I don’t see anything wrong with them.

You don’t? I’m serious for once.

Well don’t be too serious…

Pretend you’re joking. I recall that when director Rene Clement was being tried on a drug charge in Rome, the prosecution brought out a French newspaper interview he had given some time before in which he had said he used pot and they used this against him as evidence! And it helped to find him guilty and put him in gaol. And maybe in the newspaper interview he was just boasting. Maybe it wasn’t true at all that he smoked (Laugh)

What about hard drugs?

What about it?

Do you use it?

Let’s say I have used it – heroin, I mean, I jabbed myself for nearly three year. Then, I laid off it. Why shouldn’t I do anything I want to do, anyway? What’s wrong with heroin? Or coke for that matter? It’s certainly not a bad as alcohol-look at the millions of drunk that there are, particularly in the film business-and nobody says anything. Take a drunk who go home one night and kills his wife and kids in a fit of DT’s. The next day, the story might get three line on an inside page of a tabloid. But let somebody do themselves in with an overdose, without harming anybody else, mind you, and the story will be splashed all over the front pages and you’ll be called a long-haired hippy and looked upon as hit… yes, and let them catch you with a couple of gram of the stuff and you’ll be locked up for months. They’ll call you degenerate, a criminal responsible for all the world’s woe! Merde!

What about the cops reading this when it’s printed?

I couldn’t care less. They can’t read English, anyway. Some of them can’t even read French! And I’ll put it all down to play-acting. After all, I’m an actress, aren’t I? That’s what I want to be, that’s what I’ve always wanted to be – to act in every kind of film. In serious films. I have always wanted to be a great actress but what do these bastards offer me? Nothing but fucking and sucking and swallowing! You get screwed this way and that way… in a fortnight’ time I start on another film.

In which you get screwed…

In which I get screwed!